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About Us

4S Ranch Services… is a full-service ranch and hunting lease maintenance company. Licensed, and insured 4S provides a wide array of assistance for all hunter’s needs…from filling feeders, blind maintenance, downloading game cameras and sending you the photos to food plots, sendero maintenance and anything in between a solid harvest-able hunting lease requires. As a family managed company 4S Ranch Services does the work so you can relax, enjoy your weekend, skip the exhausting and everlasting chores and more importantly …HUNT HARDER!!!




Filling Feeders

If you have a hunting lease chances are between work, family and everyday life there’s just not enough time left to keep your lease maintained the way you would like to.
Stevens Taxidermy


Long Drive? We’ll go for you! Blind
installation issues? We have the
equipment to make it a breeze. Contract us to do your dirty work! We love it!

Maintenance Services Offered:
Blind maintenance
Camp maintenance
Road maintenance
Shooting lane maintenance
Hunters Creek Processing

Taxidermy & Processing Delivery

In order to properly maintain a hunting lease many tasks need to be implemented year round so by the time opening day rolls around you can focus on the greatest hobby of them all.
Resse's Truck Pieces

Other Services

If there is a task that needs to be completed we can execute it for you. If you’re an existing customer and at last minute you have a trip planned to go to your lease and do a few things over the weekend but due to unforeseen circumstances you can’t make it…. Give us a call we can work something out, we’re here to help bring your hunting experience to its fullest potential! You’re hunting success is important to us.

Predator control
Spotlight counts
Sendero cleaning
Game Camera Check
Hunt Harder

Basic Package

We will fill up to 5 feeders at one ranch location within a 30-mile radius of our headquarters in Bertram TX for $200.00 +feed.

If you’re outside the 30-mile radius it’s the same $200.00 fee +feed the extra mileage is charged accordingly outside the 30 mile
radius at $3.00 per loaded mile and $0.57/ mile empty back to that 30 mile radius. We also have custom pricing. Every ranch and hunting lease is different and requires distinct demands, therefore to be fair to our customers we require
to visit each lease with its managing
member(s) in order to bid your project more accurately.
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Areas Served

Bertram, TX
College Station, TX
San Antonio, TX
Austin, TX


4S Ranch Services

TX United States
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